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CoreSlings Lite Suspension Trainer with Resistance Bands


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  • [Revolutionary Combination of Bodyweight Straps and Resistance Trainer] Allowing you to complete resistance, suspension and combination exercises. This is facilitated with the inclusion of nonelastic straps, resistance tubes or speed/agility resistance bands. The adjustable handles are suitable as hand holds and foot/shoulder cradles, allowing you to complete a more diverse range of training exercises.
  • [Three Training Modes] The versatile CoreSlings Lite allows for three training types: suspension bodyweight exercises, resistance bands exercises and combo exercises (a combination of nonelastic strap and resistance bands modes).  Combo mode is recommended to deliver maximum training results; being more efficient than just the resistance or suspension modes on their own.
  • [Simple to use, with supplementary 4 resistance tubes, 20lbs each] The Coreslings Plus is easy to setup and switch between training modes, just follow the getting started guide. The workout guidebook has a variety of diverse workout exercises for you to try, with strength training, stretching, agility training and core workout for 100+ exercises.
  • [Great training results] With a more diverse set of training exercises you are able to train muscles that other activities cannot, and achieve better results! Whether you are a body builder or an athlete, you can improve both your explosive power and overall strength. You are also able to improve speed and agility, perfect for athletes from runners to boxers.
  • [Premium Quality Guaranteed] The Coreslings Lite is made of high quality nylon with comfortable non-slip handles, upgraded webbing materials, no-rub cam buckles and strongly sewn seams. The eco-friendly natural latex resistance bands are both strong and durable.

The Coreslings Lite supports 3 training modes
The bodyweight training mode
The resistance training mode
The combo mode (a combination of nonelastic strap and resistance bands modes).

Why Combo Mode?
Combo mode allows you to complete exercises that require multiple muscle groups to be working simultaneously. This can help you to gain more strength and burn more calories than doing more traditional isolated exercises.

CoreSlings Workout Guide Book
The getting started guide clearly explains how to setup and switch between the three training modes. Our exercise booklet illustrates over 100 training exercises, for different muscle group(s), covering training of strength, stretch, flexibility and agility.

The Coreslings System is ideal for toning your chest, abs, biceps, triceps, shoulders, quads, glutes, buttocks, legs and knees, and suitable for people of any fitness and skill level, allowing anybody to achieve their health and fitness goals. This makes them excellent gift.

CoreSlings suspension straps and exercise bands full body workout, bodyweight workout program video: 


Vulken CoreSlings Lite Includes
CoreSling Exercise Straps
20lbs Resistance Tubes (2 Pairs) 
Extension Anchor Strap
Door Attaching Anchor
“Workout In Progress” Warning Card
Workout Guide Book
Mesh Carry Bag
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