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FreshAir Air Humidifier 1L Large Capacity with 7 Colors Night Light


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Grab your FreshAir Air Humidifier 1L Large Capacity with 7 Colors Night Light NOW!

Get relief NOW from sinus and chest congestion caused by allergies, coughs, and colds! Keep dry skin and annoying static electricity away with FreshAir Air Humidifier. Add moisture to the air in your home to temporarily relieve dryness, cough, and congestion symptoms for better breathing, and more comfortable sleep!

Why You Need a Humidifier:

As temperatures drop, humidity levels drop. Cold air is unable to hold as much moisture as warm air. When we heat our home, humidity levels can drop to as low as 10%, which is drier than the Sahara Desert. This leads to dry skin, nose and throat discomfort, and static electricity. A comfortable humidity level should be 40-60%.



Humidity Reduces the Survival of Viruses:

In the fight against the influenza and other respiratory viruses, your home is a major battleground. Viruses can linger in the air and survive on surfaces. According to recent studies, humidifiers may play an important role in reducing viruses. Keeping an indoor humidity level of 40-60% reduces the survival of influenza on surfaces and in the air.



Recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics:

When a child catches an inevitable cold, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using a humidifier to provide temporary relief from cough and congestion for easier breathing and more comfortable sleep.


FreshAir Air Humidifier 1L Large Capacity with 7 Colors Night Light Features:

1. Add moisture to the air to sooth dryness, relieve cough and congestion from viruses or allergies, and help get more comfortable sleep.

2. Features a cozy, 7-color night light. Useful yet stylish and modern to fit any decor.
Ultrasonic mist, virtually silent when in use.

3. Compact size, suitable for living room, bedroom, office, etc. Breathe easy wherever you are.
When the reservoir is empty, the machine will turn off automatically for safety.

4. 1L large capacity water tank, so no worries about refilling water frequently.

5. Convenient to use with USB cable included.



7 Night Light Colors



Easy to Use



Beauty: Refreshing and keeps skin healthy and moist.

Decoration: Choose the light to create ambiance in any room.

Humidify: Humidify the air in the room during summer and winter, refreshes the quality of air we breathe.

Purify: Neutralizes static, helps to reduce infections.




Color: White; Black

Material: ABS+PP

Voltage: DC5V

Power: 3W

Water Tank Capacity: 1000ML

Humidifying Capacity: 50ML/H

Applicable Area: 30-40㎡

Noise: 30dB-45dB

Working Time: about 9 hours (automatic timing)

Size: 10x10x22cm/4.06x4.06x8.58''

Package Includes:

1 x Air Humidifier

1 x USB Cable

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