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GESUNDHOME 7L Electric ULV Fogger - Portable Ultra-Low Atomizer

Electric Fogger Machine with Adjustable Particle Size 0-50μm/Mm - Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Public (Blue)


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Looking for a powerful fogger machine that'll completely disinfect a large area within minutes? Our exclusive mosquito ulv fogger was designed to provide a powerful fogging experience that leaves everything spotless and bacteria free.

l Powerful Diffusion: Atomization flow can be adjusted and spraying output reaches max. 400ml/min. The high speed atomization ensures fast diffusion and strong penetration.
l Flexible Angle Adjustment, Large Spraying Coverage: With the flexible tube, spraying angle can be easily adjusted. Spraying can reach 6m to 8m so as to let the spray cover wider area, saving your effort and time greatly.
l Corrosion Free, Reliable Long Time Use: The sprayer with 7L large medicine box is made of corrosion resistant PP material so that you can add disinfectant into the box.
l Handheld Design: The strong handles at the sprayer box and tube provide comfortable grip during the spraying. You can install a shoulder strap for convenient carrying and portable use.
l Wide Application: Can be used not only for sterilization at public places such as hospitals, schools, theaters, etc. But also for killing mosquitoes or insect in greenhouses and farms, etc.


Packed with 1000W of power, this disinfectant spray machine fogger has the ability to spray up to 26 feet with a spray rate of roughly 400ml per minute (fully adjustable). Not only does the fogging machine help get rid of dangerous bacteria and germs, but it also works perfectly on other insects such as mosquitos, bugs, and more.

Best part of all, despite having a large storage capacity of 7L, the disinfectant spray machine is extremely lightweight and easy to carry from place to place. Simply hold the electrostatic sprayer in your hands or attach it to the shoulder sling provided and spray away!


Model: Electric ULV sprayer

Voltage: AC 110V

Power: 600-1000W

Capacity: 7L

Fog particles: 0-50 microns (adjustable)

Spraying distance: 6m-8m

Power cord length: 2.5m

Spraying speed: 400ml / min (adjustable)

Size: 18.9''x8.9''x10.2''


  • Please wear a protection glass when using the  ULV fogger machine.
  • Keep hands dry when operating the machine, dry hands before touching on/off power switch.
  •  After sprayed with disinfectant, then spray 1L fresh water, so that it will protect the machine, then please keep the machine in a dry place.
  • Please DON'T use alcohol.
  • This NOT an electrostatic sprayer.
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