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PRCA™ Small Portable Electric Heater for Home office

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Every winter, there is the same story! You spend lots of money on bulky heaters that are too large to store and so heavy that the wheels can damage your floor. 

With the Electric Portable Heater, you can have your own personal heater wherever you go. Just find a standard plug socket or power outlet, plug it in, set the temperature and enjoy warm temperature anywhere.
Whether you are camping with your friends, repairing the car in the garage or sitting in the office, this electric portable heater will make your winters warm and cozy.
No cables, no wheels and no bulky heating units to get in your way. Just direct, comfy heat straight from the wall!

The Electric Portable Heater is perfect for office, den, bathrooms, dorm rooms, campers, basements, garages and more.




  • Portable and light weight:  The Electric Portable Heater has a compact design which makes it easy to store or even carry in your bag. If you are out and about, camping or caravanning, working in a cold space or just looking for a personal heater that you can take anywhere, it would make a perfect mini heater for you.
  • Energy efficient and cost effective: The ceramic heating element of the Electric Portable Heater is highly efficient and uses a lot less energy than standard large sized heaters. The 400 watts gives you a temperature range between 15° C- 32°C while saving up to 50% on your usual heating bill. 
  • Adjustable temperature and LED Display: the Electric Portable Heater features digital temperature display2 fan speed settings, and adjustable temperature control. You can set the thermostat from (15 - 32 ° C / 60 -90 ℉), according to your comfort. The built-in safety cut off to prevent overheating and the outer casing stays cool to the touch, so no worry about accidentally touching it and getting burnt! It is safe for both adult and children.

  • Automatic Timer and safe to use: the Electric Portable Heater comes with 12-hour programmable timer with an automatic shutoff. You can preset the timings between 1-12 hours and then it will turn off automatically.


  • Materials: ABS/PP
  • Temperature control: 15-32 degrees Celsius
  • Type: Electric Fan Heater
  • Certification: CE
  • Power rating: 400 W


  • 1 * Electric Portable Heater
  • 1 * User Manual
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