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Wearable Air Purifier with Gift Package

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Voted Best Air Purifier Necklace

HOUSA™ is designed to effectively purify clean air around your head by using healthy, negative ions to push the air contaminants away from your breathing space.

Discovered more than 100 years ago, Negative Air Ions (NAIs) have been widely used for air cleaning but until now this technology was never before applied to a wearable air purifying necklace.

HOUSA™ technology emits over 3 million negative ions every second attaching to contaminants in the air and when these negative ions bind to positive ions, such as dust, pollen and bacteria they form dense particles that can’t float in the air.


✅Personal Coverage (3 Feet/1 Meter)
✅Long Battery Life (20-24 Hours)
✅Lighting Charging Capability (Fully Charges In 1 Hour)

PuraSafe Wearable Air Purifier
Personal Air Purifier

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